Proxy Setup

How does proxy setup work?

  1. Upon placing an order you provide us with your domain name, backend IP address and SSL certificate with SSL private key (if any).

  2. We create a DDoS protection service account for you, and assign your domain a set of protected name-servers. You simply follow the instructions you received and change your domain's DNS records so that it is directed to our DDOS Cloud Filters.

  3. You make your backend accessible to our protected network by white-listing the IP's listed below in this KB article. Your site's traffic is now redirected through our protected network From then on, our service filters and cleans your traffic from DDoS Attack traffic. for optimal results it is recommended to block all traffic on your firewall, allowing only our network and IP's listed below to access your server.

In order to receive traffic from our load balancers and filters you must white-list the IP's listed below in ALL your firewalls and servers. If your server and network does not accept connections from these IP's your site will not function. 90% OF ALL SUPPORT TICKETS ARE CAUSED BY THIS STEP NOT BEING COMPLETED PROPERLY.



* If your backend is already under attack it may not be possible for us to access it. In this case you must request a fresh dedicated IP from your hosting company. If your site will not load using your real back-end IP then it would load using a proxy either. You must have a working back end IP that is NOT under attack.

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