Burstable Port Usage and BW Overages

Burstable usage of the 1 Gbps service/port is permitted. However, a service that has heavy sustained usage may have its port capped and the client associated with the service may be required to upgrade to a dedicated port service plan. Should a client utilize or require large amounts of bandwidth, beyond the standard bandwidth allocation included in their service plan, may require a deposit.

It is not rocket science...just because you have a 1 Gbps port does NOT mean you can push 1 Gbps of sustained data through it. Unless your hosting package specifically says "UNMETERED" all hosting packages include a set amount of bandwidth...usually 5 or 10 TB. It would be irresponsible of us to allow you to push 1 Gbps of sustained data and then bill you for overages at the end of the month and actually expect payment.

We also have a few unreasonable clients that demand their port stay at 1 Gbps. We are glad to accommodate this request and suspended the server when your allotted bandwidth has been reached.

If you need a full 1 Gbps dedicated unmetered port please contact sales@rivalhost.com

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