Do you provide Proof of attacks?

We get asked a lot of we can provide proof attacks or graphs from your target server. First off...mitigation takes place at the network level NOT your server. The attacks never make it to your server so there is no graphs to see. That would be stupid and amaturish to try and block multi-gigabit attacks at a server level. During DDOS attacks IP's and data flows in so fast it is almost impossible to log much less process the data. In any case, it's overly time consuming and almost impossible to capture millions of packets of data with little value for a host to do unless you're specifically paying for that research.

Unless you want to come to the datacenter and console into or setup a tap on our routers the "proof" isn't actually proof of anything. Seriously what would a screen prove? Anyone can photoshop an image or make up fake stats. What would you do with "proof?" The reasons I can come up with are that you don't trust the provider (in which case you should move out regardless), that you want to send the data to law enforcement (completely useless, it can only be used as evidence if obtained by Law enforcement through a wire tap order). Even with IP's they are most likely part of a botnet or spoofed and IP owners do not even know it.

For corporate clients we do offer complete access to a GUI where you can login and view attacks in real-time and see traffic reports. Pricing starts at $8,785/month with a $7,000 setup. You also must complete documentation for PCI compliance since you will have access to network information.

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